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Find out how you can be affected by fraud! Protect yourself from fraudulent practices!

Home Buying

  • Home Loan Volume Shows No Decline
  • After the Mortgage Comes The Move
  • Before You Start Looking for a Home...
    Plan Before You Purchase – Tips to Finding the Right Home
    Everything you Need to Know to Purchase Your Dream Home
    Your Home Buying Strategy
    You Can Have It All, Find Your Dream Home
  • Thinking About Buying your First Home
    Time To Buy – Making the Transition from Renter to Homeowner
    Is Home Ownership Right For Me?
  • Interest Only Financing and what you should know
  • How market conditions affect interest rates
  • Real Estate Mortgages and Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved
  • Thinking About Purchasing a Home?
    Planning, Preparation and Paperwork – What You Need to Buy A Home
  • Already Own a Home?

  • Home Refinance Activity Continues
  • Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You?
    Help on how to evaluate reverse mortgages and your situation.
  • Thinking about tapping into your equity? Which way is best?
    What you Need To Know About Home Equity
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Home Equity
    Nest Egg or Mad Money? The Guide to Home Equity
  • Using Your Home's Equity to Consolidate Debt
    Consolidate Debt by Using Real Estate Equity
  • Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit
    Receive a Home Equity Line of Credit on your existing Home
  • Facts about Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Do The Home Improvements That really Pay Off
  • Homeowner Tax Tips
    Top 6 Tax Tips for Homeowners
  • Refinancing: Questions & Answers
  • Tax Advantages and the Top 10 Deductions for Homeowners

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